Wissahickon Village is a cohousing community in Northwest Philadelphia PA whose goal is to create an urban home in Philadelphia woven into the surrounding neighborhood, committed to sustainable living and intentional community. 

We've been learning best practices from the national cohousing community and have worked with a team of professionals from DC-based Collaborative Cohousing. Laura Fitch of Kraus Fitch Architects has been helping us understand how we can include cohousing features given the restrictions of an existing building. 

We are aiming for a community of ~20 households. Interested in becoming a member? Click here to find out how to join! We're also hosting a Meetup group - some of the scheduled Meetups will be held at member homes, Mt Airy pubs and cafes, and local parks and are a chance to meet WVC members and ask questions about cohousing and our progress. E-mail us or sign-up for WVC Updates to learn more. You can also read past e-mail updates. Our Vision Statement and Ground Rules for open, honest communication and shared leadership at business meetings are posted on our blog as well as other updates about our progress and experiences of WVC members. We've completed drafts of our pet policy, parking policy, and rental policy.